• Consistency In Taste, Aroma And Quality Across The Year
  • It Is Nutritionally Rich, Providing High Amounts Of The Daily Value For Fat (Especially Monousaturated Fat), Protein And Dietary Fiber. Values For Vitamins B, E And Several Dietary Minerals, Especially Iron.
  • Cumin Seed Has Distinctive Flavor And Aroma As Well As It Helps You To Add An Earthy And Warming To Food, Making It A Staple In Certain Stews And Soups.
  • You Don’T Have Worry About It’S Cleanness & Quality That You Finds Sortex Clean, High Qualified And Natural Seeds.
  • Processed & Packed Under Hygienic Environment

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The cumin seeds and powder are widely used in the food industry as a flavoring agent that adds pleasant mild aromatic flavor and savor to the food items.

Cumin Powder can be applied in both vegetable curries or non-vegetarian gravy and fried meals.